Game Day Clutch

Game Day Clutch

If you have been to an NFL game lately then you know the #nflallclear policy was implemented to enhance public saety and improve stadium access for fans.

Here is the low down on what they will allow you to carry into the stadium:

*Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC and do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12"

*One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziplock bag or similar)

The idea of re-imagining a gallon Ziplock bag as a handbag is just too much for these girls to imagine...come on NFL with how much money you spend on marketing we think you can do a little better than that, we know you want your stylish fans to represent!  And the idea of carrying an unsightly plastic team logo bag is a little "Ugh".

As restrictions on bag sizes have spread across the sports and entertainment arenas, alternatives to the Ziplock have multiplied and even the high fashion designers have joined in the plastic revolution.  Valentino is one option for you...the Rockstar Spike Plexi bag will run you about $2444, and why not rock the Prada Small Plex Shopper for a small price of $1040.  An Austin Designer Kelly Wynne Ferguson created a fun and stadium approved bag that you can snatch up from Nordstrom for about $300.  It is nice to have those high fashion designer names dangling by your side but they still don't show your team spirit with a custom team logo and oh what about having the energy healing agate close to your side so that you give off good energy joo joo to your team!  

The Game Day, Clear Clutch, Stadium Approved, hopefully not a Zip lock bag is now the new fashion accessory that is a must at all stadiums.  Its about time the bag caught up with the rest of your football attire!